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From Brussels To Vietnam, with an iconic 1987 VW minibus.

An epic road trip around the Human and the cuisine.


From Brussel to Vietnam : the concept

In may 2017 Sarah and I were debriefing our last journey in Indonesia, done a few month before.

We both agreed to say that we had this feeling of too little, maybe like when you finish your 25cl of bier and wish it was a 33cl. 

Between two nostalgic thought Sarah had an idea and told me "Hey why don't we buy a van and travel with it for a year, that would be the ultimate freedom wouldn'it ? 

Next month, the van was bought and a crazy project was starting to emerge in our heads. 

But we wanted to do something else than just the regular van life with pretty girls showing themselves on Instagram while they're eating some raw vegan food in a pretty place in the USA.  

We were really looking for something bigger.  We surely wants to live vanlife, but we want to add a real challenge to it.

So we started to build a projet that nobody has ever done before : We will drive an old and iconic 1987 VW all the way from Brussels to Vietnam, round trip.  

An itinerary of more than 60 000km (37282 miles) across Europe and Asia, that will bring us to face some of the most extreme and remote places in the world like the South of Siberia, the desert of Lut in Iran, the Annapurna's of Nepal and much more. 

We will also fallow the path of the most iconics roads in the world : The Transsiberian in Russia, The Silk Road or again the Karakorum road in Pakistan.

A travel through space and history whose main goal is to make people discover the wonders of the Eastern countries through the eyes of our camera.   We can't take all of you guys with us but we will do our best to make your travel with us thanks to our short movies. 

But we both agreed that the best way to share the culture of a country was it's food.  This is why we will shoot short and long movies to present the most typical food we'll eat in each countries.  We will show how they are made, how to cook it and with the agreement of the cook we'll not miss to tell his story and talk a bit about him.

But why buying a minibus that old ?  Because we wanted our vehicle to be iconic and a challenge itself.  

The minibus VW are associated with notions like peace and tolerance, notions that we really care about and that we would like to share as much as we can. 

But being students and having a project that huge is tearing our budget appart and we couldn't afford to buy anything but a wreck.... This is why we are still working on it to make it able to swallow 60 000km.  

But well, we handle it so far ! 

Follow our adventures on ou blog !  (In french)

Two kinds of content : 


We will try to create a place with tons of informations for every people who would like to take a road trip in Europe or in Asia. 

 It's also a great way for us to compile all the data's we have been accumulating about our travel for the last year and make it serve a larger public than just ourselves. 

Follow our journey and board with us on our adventures !  Every two weeks we will publish an article and a mindblowing video about the country we are in.

But don't worry it's never gonna get boring : There will be good there will be bad, love and hate and even plot twist.
To sums up, a real drama cheaper than Netflix.

Time before we hit the road

1st October 2018

Discover our videos serie

Fallow our adventures and discover amazing places around the world through our amazing videos.  We can't take you all with us but we want to make you discover the wonders of the world through the eyes of our camera gear. 

It's also a great way to follow us for those of you who doens't speak french and won"t be able to read our Travel Diaries.   

One video for each country we cross.  We promess you : It will be mindblowing. 


Meet The Crew

Matth Arnould


Matthieu Arnould


Matth is 22 and is currently studying Languages at the ULB.  After one year travelling in Canada and USA, he has studied the Law during three years but realized it wasn't a good fit for him.

  • He likes watching Kitchen Hell, partying, enjoying huge aperitifs in the park and of course travelling

  • He doesn't like mushrooms, Pastis and is literally disgusted by the last 5cl of a beer.

  • He's good at photography, climbing and cooking

  • He's musical weakness : Avril Lavigne

  • He's favorite dish : The cheese fondue 

  • Random fact : He loves taking bath with cookies and candles.

Sarah Delwart

Sarah Delwart


Sarah is studying kinesitherapy at the ULB, she is currently finishing her cursus and hopefully by the time we hit the raod she will have succeed her last year.


  • She likes watching Friends, eating a chunk of chocolate in her bed, having her back scratched and of course travelling

  • She doesn't like onions, when her room is disorganized and not taking a shower in the morning

  • She's good at socializing, organisation and drawing

  • Her musical weakness : Taylor Swift

  • Random fact : Friends call her Sauron because of her bad temperament. Sweet, but strong. 



Because a small dedication can mean a lot to us, if you like our content feel free to let us know and foster our adventure to continue by sharing our epic journey with your friends.


A project is only possible because of the peoples who believe in it's achievement and it's cause. 

Because this project is bigger than us, every little help will make a huge difference.  

If your brand shares our values,

if you want to support a human project realized by two dynamic students, we would be glad to discuss with you the counter-parts of a partnership.