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Our amazing sponsors

Being students this project would never have been possible without the generous help of some amazing brands.  They definitely deserve a standing ovation        for all the good advices, the support and the material help they provided us. 

Serial Kombi is the absolute leader of combi VW parts and restauration in France. 

They provide everything you could ever need to restaure your combi T1,T2,T3,T4 and T5.  From body parts to engine pieces they got each pieces in store therefore they are able to offer super fast delivery for a good price.

Our van was a real piece of junk when we first bought it and it's thanks to them if it's now starting to look amazing.  www.serial-kombi.com

Having the capacity of being completely off-grid for a few days and still enjoy a movie at bedtime and a enlightened van is a HUGE step up in comfort. 

Leader Loisir made this possible by providing us with the very best solar system any vanlifer could ever dream of.

They also allowed us to do no compromises in terms of equipment and to take with us all the best gear we need. 

Back up camera for the van, ceiling fan and more.  Special dedication to Yohan for it's kindness during all the process. www.leader-loisirs.com

Gowesty is a worldwide known brand for every owner of combi VW.  Based in California they're specialized in T3 westfalia and offer everything you need to turn your van into a cozy home.  Way more than just a brand, the company is the centralizing force between almost every Vanlifers around the world. 

Living in such a small place as a van, you can't pack a lot of stuff with you.  Thanks to Gowesty we managed to take a lot more than expected with some wonderful roof racks bars for pop-up roof they provided us.  Those bars allowed us to fix a roofbox on the top of the van and carry tons of extra stuff. To our knowledge they're the only one to offer those kind of bars.  It's a life-saver.  They have also extend their kindness to some Pop-top lift assist struts, a brand new faucet and some really cool clothes.


To download our very complete Sponsoring file with all the informations you would need to know about our project and why we want to be supported, click on the PDF image just below (FRENCH)