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A gigantic road trip, to the edge of the Orient

From Brussels to Vietnam to the far east of Vietnam.  A huge itinerary that will take us to some places kind of cool that we will share with you thanks to our camera gear but also by the travel diaries we will write. 

For a global overview of our itinerary please scroll down this page.

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The first part of the round trip

This is an overview of our crazy itinerary of the first part of the trip : The Brussels-Vietnam section. 

This itinerary is supposed to take us about 8 months and will make us drive around 35 000 km and cross 19 countries. 

Because we still want to let place to improvisation and because of the unstable safety situations in some of the countries we'll cross this itinerary doesn't represent an exact version of what our travel will be but we think it's as accurate as it could be. 



The journey back home

On the left is the overview of our itinerary for the return journey. 

With this itinerary we will  cross 12 countries (we will cross again Myanmar, India Pakistan and Iran).

It will make us drive around 25 000 km and will take us about 3 months to get home. We know is seems wierd compare to 8 months for 35 000 as we do on the first way, but we'll explain you about the timing repartition, the gaz consuming prevision and all the practicals matters in this section on the blog